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Meet Australia's First High School Lawyer

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21 April 2016

Founder and CEO of PLGRM Kristian Michail told The Huffington Post Australia "stories like Vincent's give us the courage to be real, to be vulnerable, to be human."

Two Tales Of Hardworking Aussie Immigrants

17 January 2016

“As communities around the world debate opening their arms to refugees, the stories of two Aussie migrants is celebrated in this documentary by PLGRM, The Migrant Merchants.”

The Gatwick: Our Controversial Halfway-House

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24 August 2015

“PLGRM are known for diving deep into the subcultures of Australian society most won't talk about.”

Skate Girl: The 13-Year-Old Skater Unfazed By Stereotypes

9 September 2015

“This feature was created by the incredible filmmakers over at PLGRM, who have a knack for picking up the extraordinary in the seemingly ordinary.”

Trauma Cleaners: Meet The Husband And Wife Who Clean Up Death

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18 August 2015

“PLGRM is a media network of incredibly talented filmmakers who are unashamedly bold in their curiosity to uncover incredible real stories delving deep into the oddities of Australian culture.”

The Pot Doctor: The Man Making A Case For Medicinal Marijuana In Australia

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17 November 2015

As this documentary by PLGRM, The Pot Doctor, reveals, the former doctor is beyond passionate in his fight to see medicinal cannibis legalised in Australia.

On His Day Off This Barber Cuts Hair for Homeless - See the Transformations!

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17 October 2016

“PLGRM created a documentary about Nasir’s generosity, who not only cuts people's hair, but also talks to them about their situations and explains his past drug addiction.”

Barber Gives Homeless People Free Haircuts, Proves There Are Good People in the World

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14 July 2015

Nasir Sobhani is a barber who cruises the streets of Melbourne, Australia, scouting homeless customers whose hair he can cut for free. They call him "The Streets Barber."

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Australian barber provides free haircuts to homeless people

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30 June 2015

"The Streets Barber" was featured in a PLGRM film that shows his "Clean Cut Clean Start" mission as he skateboards through town to offer free haircuts to people who live on the streets.”


This man spends his one day off a week cutting homeless people’s hair for free


26 June 2015

“Nas, 26, who is the subject of a new PLGRM documentary, is a recovering drug addict practises the Baha’i faith, which he credits for his sobriety, along with his passion for slick cuts.”

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Meth, murder and mess: Melbourne's trauma cleaners


28 July 2015

Every day across Melbourne, husband and wife duo Steve and Lorinda Penn clean up crime and trauma scenes. Film produced by PLGRM.

Listen to people anonymously expose their deepest, darkest and most disturbing secrets


31 August 2015

“The short film, by Australian media network PLGRM features cinematic imagery with unamed people's deepest darkest secrets played out over the top.”

Welcome to The Gatwick, Australia's most infamous half-way house and home to drug addicts, ex-cons and the mentally ill


5 August 2015

A half-way house renowned for its drugs and violence has opened its doors to shed light on the rumours plaguing one of Australia's most infamous properties in new documentary by PLGRM titled The Saints of St Kilda.


Meet the Aboriginal painter who can't read or write but battled an alcohol addition to make millions selling paintings


27 June 2016

The Koori One is a documentary by PLGRM which documents Mr Dryden's battle to confront ice addiction in his home town. PLGRM’s Kristian Michail said: “This story is one of triumph. It goes against the grain and status quo in more ways than one.”

Sniffing armpits pre-sex, assuming dates have an STD and meth addiction: Australians admit their guilty secrets to a confessional hotline


16 June 2016

“Following the launch of the second instalment of 'The Hotline' on Thursday, PLGRM’s Kristian Michail said the project has given people a new way to freely express their deepest and darkest thoughts without fear of judgement or repercussions.”

The best medicine? Man given one week to live insists he was cured by LAUGHING


29 February 2016

'The moment the money hit the bank account I was rushed to hospital and diagnosed with a multitude of situations and diseases,' he said in a documentary produced by PLGRM.

This barber makes people feel loved & cared for by giving free stylish haircuts to the homeless

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6 March 2017

Nasir Sobhani, goes out to give free haircuts to people less fortunate. The 26-year-old continues to bring people hope. He has also been featured in a documentary by PLGRM.

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Barber gives homeless a haircut (GERMAN):
Friseur schenkt Obdachlosen einen Haarschnitt

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5 August 2015

With a small documentary film, the barber shows how his work on the street works and how the belief in himself helped him on the right path back.

This Family Violence Survivor Is Now australia’s First full-time High school Lawyer

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22 April 2016

Shin's own path to becoming a lawyer are documented in the short documentary produced by PLGRM, The High School Lawyer, as he retraces the multiple family violence incidents which were once a major part of his life.

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A Hotline Was Opened For Strangers To Leave Anonymous Confessions And They're Fascinating

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28 August 2015

PLGRM decided make a random phone booth into a confessional by encouraging strangers to leave anonymous voicemail secrets, and their responses are fascinating.


This Barber Gives Free Badass Haircuts To The Homeless On His Days Off

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26 June 2015

Nasir Sobhani might be the coolest barber in the history of hairstyling. PLGRM recently documented his amazing story and generosity — he works during the week and gives the homeless amazing haircuts on the weekends.

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Some Women Wax. Some Men Buzz. And Some Men In Australia Are Doing This


21 August 2014

NSFW is the name of the game with this short documentary by PLGRM. The career path that former women's hairdresser / current naked barber Richard Savvy has built for himself will feel unusual for a lot of you, but it's a safe space for him and his clients. And isn't that what really matters?

Awesome Barber Uses His Days Off To Give Free Haircuts To The Homeless


1 July 2015

In a recent documentary shot by PLGRM, the creator of the "Clean Cut Clean Start" initiative elaborates on his mission and explains how kind gestures make all the difference in the lives of the less fortunate.

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El barbero que cura su adicción cortando el pelo a vagabundos (Spanish)


7 July 2015

Tal y como explica en un pequeño documental que le ha dedicado PLGRM, lo hace porque considera que es una manera de devolverles la dignidad y, quizá, inspirarles a volver a empezar.

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This Salon is helping homeless women feel beautiful, one haircut at a time


9 November 2015

This summer, news of "The Streets' Barber" began circulating after PLGRMM published a video profile on a man who gives free haircuts to the homeless.


Go inside PNAU's los angeles studio full of analog synths

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15 May 2017

PLGRM and Red Bull Music head to Downtown Los Angeles to hang in the Aussie dance legends' phonic man cave.


Go behind the scenes of Glass Animals' live Melbourne show

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8 March 2017

Before their show at Melbourne Town Hall, Glass Animals’ Dave and Ed gave PLGRM and Red Bul Music the lowdown on the inner workings of their live show and 42-channel set-up.

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This Documentary About Iconic Melbourne Social Worker Les Twentyman Is ‘Struggle Street’ Done Right


19 October 2015

“The Westside Watchman from Melbourne-based film company PLGRM, presents a stirring and fascinating portrait of Australia’s forgotten suburbs while avoiding the many failings that dogged its more well-known counterpart.”

That Maniac Who Climbed A Skyscraper In Melbourne Made A Terrifying Ten-Minute Documentary Of It


2 June 2014

“The pick of the footage has been production-wizarded into a pretty excellent ten-minute mini-documentary by the dudes at PLGRM. It’s a pretty fascinating insight into urban exploration, the spirit of adventure, and being goddamn bananas.”

Watch This Short Documentary About a Barber Who Gives Free Haircuts to the Homeless

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22 July 2015

In a new short documentary presented by PLGRM, we see Sobhani, aka the Street’s Barber, go around Melbourne, Australia, blessing the needy with fresh cuts. He says his decision to give back to the less-fortunate was inspired by his long journey in overcoming drug addiction.

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The Saints of St Kilda on 774 ABC Radio


18 August 2015

PLGRM Producers discuss The Saints of St Kilda documentary and all things Gatwick.
Hosted by Richard Stubbs on 774 ABC Radio.

Meet the Melbourne barber giving the homeless a clean start at life


9 July 2015

A former drug addict, who has turned his life around, now spends one day off a week helping those less fortunate than he is. Watch the film by PLGRM which tells his story here.


How do you move on from major trauma?


23 April 2017

How you move forward from a traumatic event? What helps and what doesn’t when you’re trying to put yourself back together again.
This week, SBS Insight hears the stories of how
Australians who have suffered significant trauma
are moving forward in their life.

Notorious Gatwick Hotel’s secrets laid bare in documentary


5 August 2015

Documentary company PLGRM bravely ventured inside the St Kilda landmark to discover the real stories behind the rumours surrounding one of Australia’s most dangerous private hotels.

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Tale of two car crash survivors: Who suffered more?


10 December 2016

The Crash Survivor, a short film presented by PLGRM Media, premieres onThursday 15 December in Melbourne followed by a Q&A panel discussion.


Incredible survival of man who lost his whole family but beat the odds


3 September 2016

Gary Hipworth believes it’s because of his research into Buddhism and the human condition that he’s The Last Man Standing, the title of a short film about him made by documentary-makers PLGRM.

Dr Andrew Katelaris claims medical marijuana is a lifesaving treatment


30 September 2015

“I haven’t sought to avoid legal troubles,” Dr Katelaris says in PLGRM’s new documentary The Pot Doctor. “Our primary motivation is to advance the cause of medical cannabis.”

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PLGRM documentary reveals life in Melbourne's infamous Gatwick Hotel


6 August 2015

The doors of the Gatwick Hotel 'half-way house' have been open since the 1950's and it was from the age of 14 that sisters Rose and Yvette left school to work there full-time.


The man making medicinal marijuana for kids


18 October 2015

Farmers in NSW could be legally growing marijuana for medical or scientific purposes from next year, with the Baird government scouting for potential growing sites.

FARMERS in NSW could be legally growing marijuana for medical or scientific purposes from next year, with the Baird government scouting for potential growing sites..jpg

Medical marijuana: Big support from South Australian voters


26 October 2015

The Pot Doctor documentary by PLGRM looks at medical marijuana and the role Dr Andrew Katelaris is playing to help ease the suffering of people in Australia.


Melbourne’s Notorious Gatwick Hotel’s secrets laid bare in new PLGRM documentary

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5 August 2015

A documentary by PLGRM promising to reveal the untold story of Melbourne’s infamous Gatwick Hotel has reignited debate about whether the halfway house should be closed down.


Medicinal marijuana hotline for doctors

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16 May 2017

A Medicinal marijuana hotline will be set up to help doctors who feel pressured to dispense the drug as patients demand easier access.

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The man making medicinal marijuana for kids


18 October 2015

Dr Andrew Katelaris: The Pot Doctor documentary looks at medical marijuana.
Courtesy: PLGRM.

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Introducing PLGRM: Melbourne's Answer to VICE

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23 May 2016

PLGRM is a Melbourne born and raised independent media network not dissimilar to VICE that tells incredible stories about everyday people.

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元シャブ中・全身タトゥーの超絶クールな美容師がストリートに出る理由 (Japanese)


2 July 2015

Nasir Sobhani is explore in the PLGRM documentary. Although his entire body is covered in tattoos and the deep carving in his palm is impressive, but the theme of the doco is not this… 


Lawyers could be coming to a school near you


13 May 2016

Vincent Shin recently opened up about his violent father in a 10-minute documentary film by PLGRM. He had a disruptive childhood but broke the cycle and became a lawyer.

Vincent Shen High School Lawyer PLGRM.png

Documentary shines a light on St Kilda's notorious Gatwick Hotel


5 August 2015

"They have no compassion, not only not to house them, but to even just look at them or tolerate them," Gatwick owner Yvette Kelly says in a film by documentary company PLGRM.


Film reveals Melbourne's secrets through anonymous confession hotline

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28 August 2015

Melbourne documentary makers PLGRM found out when they created the "Hotline", a confessional phone booth offering strangers the chance to reveal their innermost thoughts.