PLGRM was founded to create human connection. Storytelling is our passion, and we have far more questions than answers. So get your popcorn ready. Humankind is just getting started.
— Kristian Michail, Founder, PLGRM


The Streets Barber

Nasir Sobhani aka ‘The Streets Barber’, is a true Nomad, not just of the world, but also of the mind. He has certainly lived a fruitful life, but it hasn’t been all smooth sailing. Battling a crippling drug addiction and inner demons along the way, Nasir broke through and now spends his one day off hitting the streets to give free haircuts to the homeless.

The Porn Identity

Angela White is not your typical porn star, having graduated from the University of Melbourne with first class honours in Gender Studies, Angela is now a successful businesswoman in the adult industry. PLGRM delved deep to discover how her extensive experiences have helped to shape her career in academia and porn.

The Hotline

PLGRM opened a hotline for callers to leave their secrets and confessions anonymously. From forbidden desires to day-to-day frustrations, callers were able to abandon themselves of their burdens temporarily. Perhaps our deepest and darkest truths are what we have most in common...

The High Roller

This is the story of Australian Paralympic gold-medalist and wheelchair tennis champion Dylan Alcott. His inspirational outlook on life and motivation has seen him gain great notoriety and amass a legion of fans around the world. PLGRM were lucky enough to spend some time with the inspirational man in this very candid piece.

Skate Girl

What were you doing at 13? Sophia Rothfield is one of a kind. Since picking up a skateboard at the age of 10, her love and determination for the sport has grown stronger every day. PLGRM took the opportunity to spend some time with Sophia and learn about the life she leads.

The Pot Doctor

For over 20 years Andrew Katelaris has researched the medicinal properties of cannabis, prescribing, producing and distributing cannabis oil to families with children suffering from brain damaging and life threatening seizures. Andrew’s passion has never wained as he vows to fight “the draconian laws” and social paranoia surrounding this “life saving medicine.”

The Crash Survivor

A head-on car crash in 2012 left Doug Wright crippled for life. Clyde Rowley, the man who caused the collision, walked away with cuts and bruises. In the years that followed, it became clear that their lives would never be the same. After years of knowing of the other's existence but refusing to acknowledge it, the two agreed to meet...

The Naked Barber

Dick Savvy is the world's first and only naked barber. He is also an Award Winning Hair Professional who has mastered the art of male grooming with the twist of providing his services in a more liberated, bare and extraordinary context.

The Australian Spider-Man

Bryce Wilson came to notoriety among the national media outlets following his daring free climb of the crane standing atop Melbourne's 'Prima Pearl' building. PLGRM delivers a short documentary that delves into the life of Australia's 'Spider-Man'.

The Saints of St Kilda

The infamous Gatwick Hotel casts a fearful shadow over the increasingly gentrified streets of Melbourne’s St Kilda. The doors of the ‘half-way house’ have been open since the 1950’s when local hero 'Queen Vicky' ran the joint. Her daughters have carried on her legacy after vowing to their mother that the Gatwick’s doors would remain open.

The High School Lawyer

With over 100,000 family violence cases reported by police in Australia every year, it’s an outbreak that cannot be swept under the rug. Vincent Shin used to be a part of that statistic. However, he managed to ‘break the cycle’ and become the world’s first high school lawyer, representing students with issues ranging from fines to domestic abuse.

The Frozen Frontline

This film contains interviews with soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as volunteers providing humanitarian aid in Ukraine’s east. A uniqueinsight into the realities of war, the deatth and destruction left behind, the glimpses of humanity and the pain felt by those in Ukraine every day.



A universal adventure and journey to discover the full world of sexuality through the stories of communities, subcultures, leaders, events, practitioners, teachers, workshops, retreats, therapists, gurus and mavens of the sex world. We look to go on a socratic exploration of the human relationship with all things related to sex.

6 Episodes - Watch


Transit seeks to show an intimate, personalised and concise portrayal of artists travelling and performing in Melbourne. Taking place in the back of a car, the conversation primarily focuses on the artists experience at gigs, events and festivals. However, the candid interviews go far beyond the realm of music and explore the deeper stories behind the artists.

22 Episodes - Watch

Parental Guidance

Parental Guidance is an interview-style mini web series that explores the upbringing of some of Australia’s most loved music artists in a very raw and personal way. PLGRM gains access to the family home of the artists and meet the parents that played such an integral part of their lives to uncover an unseen, more human side of the artist’s world.


Occult Status

This series features poetic and observational documentaries of various occult and esoteric beliefs and practices. Extroinardy belief systems and underground cult communities are explored and dissected with the topics presented as legitimate tools for the subject to use in their understanding of the larger world and their personal situations.



An exploration inside the world of independent music festivals, telling the magical story and vision of the founders, the artists and the punters that live and breathe music - documenting every festival experience through the eyes of the beholders. Cinematic viewing with an unscripted insight into a full bodied festival experience that is home to so many people.

4 Episodes - Watch

Gear Porn

Unique insights into the minds of some of the most talented musicians around the world. You don’t need to be a music tech head to love this series as every episode strikes a perfect balance between the artist, the gear, the mind and the machine. Original Series developed and produced for Red Bull TV.

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Driven is an observational reality series that follows the Supercars Driver David Reynolds and the Addams Family of Australian V8 Racing, Erebus Motorsport, in their quest to be the underdog winners of the 2019 Supercars Championship for the very first time.

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Made With Love

Made With Love follows the everyday operations of George Calombaris’ MAdE Establishment restaurant group; it’s directors, executives and managers as they deal with issues of a tough year in business and the challenge of becoming Australia’s leading restaurant group.

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A Country Frozen In Time

Havana, Cuba

PLGRM photo - -13.jpg

Another Side of Paradise

Black Sands, Vanuatu

Pisky-Job - 007.jpg

From Comfort to Conflict

Pisky, Ukraine

Frozen Lives, Not-So-Frozen Frontlines - 013.jpg

Frozen Lives, Not-So-Frozen Frontlines

Donetsk, Ukraine

1 - Cover.jpg

The Abandoned Asylum

Larundel Mental Asylum


The Blind Photographer

Melbourne, Australia


The Drifting Dreamers

Southern Mexico


The Dumpster Dwellers

Escuintla, Guatemala


The Foster Carer

Melbourne, Australia

Pisky - 026.jpg

The Human Impact Of War

Pisky, Ukraine

The Jungle.jpg

The Jungle

Calais, France

The Positive Woman.jpg

The Positive Woman

Melbourne, Australia

The Refuse Collector.jpg

The Refuse Collector

London, England

The Death of Pol Pot's Cambodia.JPG

The Remnants of Pol Pot

Phnom Penh, Cambodia


Wisdom in Leh Ladakh

Ladakh, India

Woman and Earth.jpg

Woman and Earth

Ladakh, India