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PLGRM opened a hotline for callers to leave their secrets and confessions to us anonymously. From forbidden desires to day-to-day frustrations, callers were able to abandon themselves of their burdens temporarily. Perhaps our deepest and darkest truths are what we have most in common…

The Hotline is still open for all members of the public to divulge their secrets and confessions. The phone number is 03 8672 7808 and it is an Australian number. So for example if you are calling from the United Kingdom, the number is 00 61 03 8672 7808. Calls are not reversed charged. Here is a link to the prompt we distributed online and through the streets of Melbourne, Australia:

Disclaimer: The opinions of those in this film do not represent the views of PLGRM.




Director of Photography

Second Camera

  • Andy McCallum



Sound Mixer


  • Kane Boney