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  • PLGRM was founded to create human connection.

    Storytelling is our passion, and we have far more questions than answers.

    We don’t know the exact reason for being here and through the stories of others we get to explore and discover why.

    Will we ever exactly know why? We will devote our lives to finding out.

    Kristian Michail, CEO & Founder, PLGRM

    Imagine a world without divide where all ages, races, religions, creeds and cultures experience the unified connection of being one. Impossible? I say not.

    Enter the age of singularity. We are on the eve of the biggest shift in global consciousness in human history. A new world experience of deep human connection and possibility is upon us.

    Are you scared of the unknown? Don’t be. We are all in this together and our journey ahead is astronomically exciting. So get your popcorn ready. Humankind is just getting started.


  • What is PLGRM Custom?

    PLGRM Custom is a creative studio originating bespoke content. We empower brands to become a new breed of storyteller. Our niche of human-centred storytelling and content strategy shifts consumer perception from the idea of being ‘sold a product’ to being educated, inspired and entertained.

    If you would like to create customised branded content, please contact us.

  • What are we looking for?

    We curate, create, commission and customise stories that explore humanity and discover the unknown. We demand to work with the creatives and brands from all over the world, who are willing to stand for human connection.

    What is the standard for our stories?

    Newsworthy – stories that undeniably start and compound social conversation.

    Artistic – stories that are designed and executed with creative excellence.

    Empathetic – stories that explore and discover our boundless human condition.

    How to contribute?

    Finished Stories
    Interested in premiering stories with us that you have already created? We collaborate with storytellers – filmmakers, photographers, and writers – who want to premiere their work across our channels and have their stories come to life. To have your story go live, attach a short description and a password protected link for us to observe and review. Note: all finished stories should be unreleased and unavailable online.

    Original Stories
    Interested in pitching stories to us that can be created from scratch? We collaborate with storytellers – filmmakers, photographers, and  writers – to create stories the world needs to see. There is a possibility of stories being commissioned. Note: Commissioning of stories is not promised for the foreseeable future.

    Branded Stories
    Interested in partnering for a brand campaign or project? We engage with agencies, and brands through sponsorships, placements, and custom commissions to empower their connection and engagement with viewers. Brand representatives or those with brand supported stories, please get in contact.